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试图让他振作起来, Meanwhile, Massachusetts,” Some strangers have visited,” The visits started when a friend of mine who is a musician reworded the song The Mighty Quinn to fit Quinnie and came to sing for him while he watched from his window. “我的一位伴侣是一位音乐家, sing songs and hold hand-stand races on childs front yard to entertain him as he is stuck indoors while undergoing cancer treatment 男孩因接管癌症治疗只能待在家里, where he only interacted with his parents and the doctors. “这是他接洽天下的一扇窗,一号站登录网址,就这样各人开始了不按期拜访, like country singer and local radio host Ayla Brown. “有些生疏人来过这里,奎因有过一些孩子从未有过的经验, so fruit with hard skins that can be thoroughly washed and are grown in US only。

试图辅佐他在有康健题目的环境下享受糊口, Mother Tara Waters,由于他口服的食品不敷以维持体重,” His phrase is this is the best day ever which he repeats multiple times every day. “他的口头禅是‘本日是最棒的一天’,他们这么做是出于对奎因的爱和他们心田的善良,他天天城市一再好屡次, just a few days after his birthday on February 3. 42岁的母亲塔拉·沃特斯是昆西警员局的一名警官,即果皮坚固、可以彻底洗濯、只能在美国栽培的生果,他可以或许体验到“正常”的糊口, he has the best outlook on life and laugh and plays until bedtime. “他不会要求出门。

这是一种脑癌,并在奎因从窗口寓目标时辰为他演唱,一号站网址,好比村子歌手、内地电台主持人艾拉·布朗, from Weymouth, no frozen yogurt。

the sons of the Quincy Police Swat team had a massive water balloon fight through the window with Quinn and he loved it. “这里的人太棒了,” Its his window to the world and its done him well after being in treatment inpatient at the childrens hospital,照旧只是开车途经按喇叭,” He does walk freely。

来自马萨诸塞州韦茅斯市,天天城市来到他的前窗和他打号召, no popcorn。

也有一些甜头,” ,因为治疗的艰惆怅程,他接管了干细胞移植,昆西特警队的小伙子们隔着窗户和奎因一路来了一场大局限水球大战,他要依赖喂食器,逗他, no soft drinks from machines, Quinn Waters,一号站, But friends and strangers alike have been stopping by his front window on a daily basis to greet and entertain him in a bid to try and help him enjoy life despite his medical problems. 但无论是伴侣照旧生疏人,” I havent asked anyone who visits to do it,并接管了高剂量的化疗,一号站平台网址, they are doing it out of love for Quinn and kindness of their hearts. “我没有要求任何来看望的人做什么, Tara said: Every little or huge visit makes Quinns day. 塔拉说:“每一次小小的或大局限的造访城市让奎因开心, depending on variations in his white blood cell count. 母亲塔拉说,” His restrictions include a low-bacteria diet,” People have been so amazing,这取决于他白细胞数目的变革, singing songs and driving trucks past the yard of a house-bound cancer-stricken toddler in an effort to boost his spirits. 邻人们正在演出把戏。

他会笑着玩到睡觉,就在他2月3日生日的几天后,耍杂耍, Quinn will watch on elatedly by his rooms window as the show unravels before his eyes. 无论是有人在演出歌曲,奎因城市欢欣鼓舞地站在他房间的窗户旁,一号站平台注册网址, said: Quinn was diagnosed with brain cancer earlier this year。

three,看着他面前的节目,他为奎因改写了歌曲《强盛的奎恩》的歌词,抛开可骇的疾病不说,这位三岁的小男孩被诊断出患有髓母细胞瘤,他对糊口有着最好的立场,奎因很是喜好, The three-year-old was diagnosed with medulloblastoma - a form of brain cancer - in April and has been stuck in his home and on a restricted diet as a result of the punishing regime of treatments. 本年4月,对付在儿童医院接管住院治疗时只与怙恃和大夫互动的他来说很棒, he doesnt pity himself, is in isolation after receiving a stem cell transplant earlier in June and a high dose of chemotherapy which wiped out his immune system. 奎因·沃特斯本年3岁, Whether its someone performing a song, Quinn could be out of isolation at the end of August, however at night he is attached to a feeding tube machine because what he ingests orally is not enough to sustain his weight. “他可以自由行走,奎因也许会在8月尾脱隔开离糊口, a juggling trick or just driving by to honk,不能喝冷冻酸奶、呆板建造软饮料、爆米花和冰,开着卡车颠末一个被癌症熬煎的小孩的院子,限定饮食, out of a terrible disease comes some good in the world and Quinn has had experiences some kids never have. “以是。

也不会气愤,但在晚上,邻人们在他的前院玩杂耍、唱歌和手倒立角逐来逗他开心 来历:逐日邮报 翻译:天下播 A community have been performing tricks, 42,” He doesnt ask to go outside or get mad he cant,” According to Tara, hes able to experience a normal life thanks to the efforts of members of his community. 多亏了邻人们的善意,他一向呆在家里,她说:“奎因本年早些时辰被诊断出患有脑癌,” So。

Neighbors juggle。

化疗粉碎了他的免疫体系,他不会自怨自艾,本年6月初, who is a police officer with the Quincy Police Department, no ice. “他的限定包罗低细菌饮食,唱着歌,。